Top 5 Best Three Piece Suit On The Market Today

Wearing suits for work and social gatherings require not only a keen fashion sense, but practicality and comfort as well. Lack of funds for impeccable tailored suits is not a problem with a three piece suit get-up as vests can camouflage untailored suit with imperfect fit and hide improper tucking. Although relatively cheap suits for men compared to custom-made, the alternative suit does the job.

Contrary to the belief that three pieces are more cumbersome than the usual two-piece suit, wearing vests adds additional confidence and security, as if your clothes are held together perfectly with comfort and flair.

The dynamics of wearing suits can be versatile, subtle or drastic.. Fully buttoned jackets give an air of dignity and authority, while unbuttoned jackets are less dressy, and portrays a controlled casualness yet maintains the sophistication of the suit.

More adventurous gentlemen try to put the sides of their jackets further back, to allow their hands to occupy the hips. This gesture is doubly aggressive in a trio piece suit than a dual piece suit.

The 5 most notable three piece suit this year are the following:

1. Salvatore Exte Men’s Suit 3-Piece Two Button Blazer Jacket Flat Front Pants

This suit set is versatile and wearable in several occasions including work and social gatherings. It consists of suit, jacket and pants wearable for year round use. The vested suit has a modern fit, with one ticket pocket and three flap pockets. The matching center vent jacket is complemented by a notch lapel. The third piece, the flat front pants come with a drop of 6 inches.

2. Cloudstyle Men’s Plaid Modern Fit 3-Piece Suit Blazer Jacket Tux Vest & Trousers

This particle triple piece suit offer is sold as a package with mix and match disallowed. The suit and trousers are colored grayish blue with linear patterns that add interest. The suit has a modern fit with notched lapel, 4 sleeve buttons, 2 flap pockets, 2 inner pockets, and 2 coin pockets. The vest has 4 buttons and peaked bottom with adjustable back. The suit is stylish yet highly versatile even in workplaces.

3. Slim Fit 3 Piece Vested Plaid Grey Suit 2 Button Notch Lapel By Azar Man

This grey suit utilizes a cotton blend that is easy to maintain. The jacket is single breasted with 2 buttons. A notch lapel is an added feature to the double vented, fully lined jacket. The vest has V neck configuration with adjustable back strap and 5 button arrangement. Wearing this suit provokes an unmistakable air of confidence during office hours and after-office fun hours. The slim fit and comfortable woolen blend make you want to wear the suit as often as you could.

4. King Formal Wear Elegant Men’s Black Two Button Three Piece Suit

This elegant super 150s suit is made in Italy from wool touch, a fine, high quality fabric that is unmatched in comfort and durability. The suit is black and has two buttons, and a notch lapel. The jacket is side vented and is matched by flat front pants with free length. The reasonable price tag, which is lower than custom made suits, does not necessarily mean that suits offered online are cheap suits for men and have bad quality. Online transactions simply eliminate the cost of middle men that are additions to higher prices.

5. Stacy Adams Men’s Suny Vested 3 Piece Suit

Stacy Adams, the apparel company, has been making suits since 1875, and is a reliable authority in the business. No wonder the suits they make are tailored to perfection. This particular model is made of 90% polyester and 10% rayon and can allow dry cleaning only. The suit is styled with a V-neck vest and single pleat pants configured with an expandable waist. The vest also showcases a four-button placket and welted pockets placed at the front.


Three piece suits are versatile wardrobes. They can be worn throughout the year in whatever season. Whether the goal is to use the suit as office uniform or as center piece in sophisticated social gatherings, you can rely on your three piece suit. Custom tailored ones are more expensive than ready-made suits. Quality wise it cannot be said that ready-made ones are cheap suits for men. The internet is filled with high quality suits ready to be bought online. The direct transaction between buyer and seller gives the opportunity for sellers to pass their savings on the transaction to the buyers. Buyers on the other end, gets tremendous value for their investment in suits.