Top 5 Best Lineman Boots For You

Lineman boots also require quality boot makers to produce, although the boots may not have the delicate material of exotic animals. The boots is made from full thickness cowhide without any splitting done. Leather thickness is measured by weighing a standard small sample, and for this particular cowhide, it is 7 oz. Average work boots t weighs only 3 to 4 oz. because of splitting and fake surface plastic finish called plating. Lineman work boots has no surface finish. This makes the boots highly breathable and water resistant when oiled.

The construction of lineman climbing boots was made in such a way that they address the working needs and conditions of the lineman. Linemen require durability and simplicity with their work boots, and any unnecessary additional features could add weight and be bothersome. Production begins with an extra heavy duty cow hide. The needed extra strength comes from heavy duty steel shanks that stiffen the instep of the boot. It would be disastrous if the boot flexes when linemen stands on ladder or pole rungs.

Lineman boots and the similar tower climbing boots are traditionally black, but brown and redwood are also available. Other necessary features of the boots include: lining made of leather, safety toes made of steel, insulated lining which is required for cold-weather conditions, lacing studs made of silver or nickel, tan or black laces, and lug soles.

The plight of the manufacturers of lineman climbing boots has not been smooth. Some small ones were taken over by large conglomerates. Once based in localized operations which where populated with workmen, many of the manufacturers have now moved production overseas where linemen interaction is almost absent. Quality products remain available though, even with the drawback. The lists of the best linemen work boots for 27 are the following:

1. Kenetrek Lineman Extreme NI ST

The failure of a work boot will mean disaster or loss of life to a lineman. Kenetrek, renowned manufacturer of high quality work boots, makes sure all safety issues are addressed in designing its tower climbing boots and lineman shoes. The boots are manufactured in Italy where they are subjected to ASTM F2412-11 and ASTM F2413-11 rigid impact and compression testing before they are released to the market. Features also include: leather make, temperature safety toe, EH rated, waterproof membrane using windex, and a hardy Vibram Vertige outsole.

2. Red Wing 2218 Men’s 9-Inch Logger-Lineman (Steel Toe, HRO Heat Resistant LTHR, Electrical Hazard)

Red Wing is an American company specializing in work shoes including lineman work boots. Priced at $345.95, the value of this boots has intangible merits when safety is being considered. The materials are of highest quality including black boomer leather and Goodyear welt. Linemen who have used the product must have appreciated the resistant to heat and electrical hazards of the work boots.

3. Hoffman Boots Men’s EH All Leather 600Ct Composite Toe Powerline

Hoffman, a high quality producer of work boots, is now being run by fourth generation family members. Their impeccable quality control procedures are fuelled by passion, which makes sure that customers get the highest quality products at reasonable prices. Being in the forefront of the safety shoe industry, Hoffman continuously injects innovations to make their products stand out in the competition. As proof, the Composite Toe passed the 2413-11 safety toe standard, and the shoe company is also proud of their EH rating. The novel Hoffman Dual steel shank technology has outstanding reviews for climbing support. Other features are: all leather upper and the installation of water resistant linings.

4. Wesco Voltfoe 10” Brown Lineman Boots Composite Toe EHBR57170

Manufactured with linemen in mind, this brown and attractive Wesco lineman boots exceeds electrical-hazard testing requirements. The product also passed the ASTM F2413-05, M/75 C75 EH PR and CAN/CSA Z195-09 industry standards. The construction makes use of pure leather welt and puncture resistant rubber sole. Other benefits to user include: Vibram sole, comfortable steel shank that is ribbed and non-corrosive, 7 oz. cow hide, leather side flap, removable false tongue and double full leather insoles.

5. Wesco Jobmaster 10” Black Regular Toe with steel Toe lineman Boots Vibram sole

The name Wesco lineman boots is a byword in the working industry, where hard workers need comfort, durability and safety in their equipment and shoe requirement. Jobmaster provides exactly what they need as far as shoe requirement is concerned. The boots boast of leather make, Vibram sole and heel, 7 oz. cow hide, rolled-leather top facing, studs and eyelets made of solid brass, heavy stitching, and shock absorbing capability.


When one talks about lineman boots, lineman climbing boots, Wesco lineman boots, tower climbing boots, etc. they are all referring to a working shoe with durability, safety and comfort. Designs may vary but the mentioned goals should never be omitted.

Never forget your lineman working boots to save yourself from harm and electrical hazards. The cost of a pair is negligible compared to your life.