Top 5 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

Soccer is today’s number 1 spectator sports. And as a result of a huge following, the manufacture of soccer related products became a profitable and huge industry, with indoor soccer shoes getting a big slice of the market. Dominant brands like Adidas, Puma and Nike try to outdo each other, spending several millions of dollars in research and product development, to create innovative indoor soccer shoes each year. Consumers benefit tremendously and are given several options in choosing their best indoor soccer shoes, which include Adidas indoor soccer shoes, Nile CR7 indoor shoes, and other youth indoor soccer shoes.

As the name suggests, these shoes are intended to be used inside soccer or futsal gymnasium and recreational facilities. These soccer shoes have evolved though, and are used mostly by young people as leisure shoes, and these youth indoor soccer shoes are seen being flaunted in streets and gatherings.

The footwear is designed to be lightweight for great mobility and comfort, and usually utilizes a gum rubber flat outsole. This year’ choices for best indoor soccer shoes include the following:

1. Adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe

Adidas indoor soccer shoes live to the expectation associated with the iconic brand name. The long standing model is a testament to perfection, which always stands the test of time. The manufacturer chose to use materials that exploit durability, strength and lightness. Full grain leather is an excellent choice, as well as gum rubber and regular rubber.

2. Adidas Performance Men’s X 15.2 CT Soccer Shoe

These Adidas indoor soccer shoes veer from the commonplace by using bold colors – green, white and black in exciting combination. The impressiveness does not stop at the appearance, as the extra-soft upper and versatile outsoles allow wearers to show off their skills during games. The superior grip on court surfaces is impressive. Adidas used synthetic and textile materials for comfort and lightness in the upper and rubber is used for soles.

3. Nike Junior MercurialX Victory VI CR7 (IC) Soccer Cleat

Belonging to the line of CR7 indoor shoes makes this footwear a reliable bet for quality and durability. The manufacturer intended the shoes for kids but could pass for a professional standard shoe. A tongue-less upper with cleverly embossed ridges and clingy rubber outsole provide the badly needed traction, feel and touch that bring out classy games. The soft and supple synthetic leather used in the upper gives great comfort and durability with excellent feel on the ball upon contact. Rubber soles provide the rigidness to absorb impact during action play. The shoe is embossed intentionally with horizontal ridges to enhance touch and feel to the ball.

4. Puma Men’s Invicto Sala Soccer Shoe

The invicto sala is a welcome addition to the long list of excellent and popular Puma shoe catalogue. The shoe contains all the features needed by serious players aiming for top performances. Leather in combination with natural suede in the vamp provides attractiveness, durability, strength and lightness. Rubber toe reinforcement can neutralize shoe contact during intense action. The innovative low-profile outsole gives extra strong grip and a removable and light sockliner provides comfort and cushioning to the feet. Puma has created innovative and timely designed youth indoor soccer shoes that have become versatile footwear inside and outside indoor gyms.

5. Nike Men’s MercurialIX Victory VI Turf Soccer Shoe

Nike did not sit on its laurels after the huge success of its CR7 indoor shoes. New and better, if not equally good, product lines were churned in its production facilities. The MercurialIX Victory VI Turf Soccer Shoe provides high level comfort, touch and lightness that have become Nike standards. The Victory in the name suggests high level performance leading to success among the users. The shoe has an impressively light cleat that is needed by speedy and skillful performance. The aesthetics is excellent, achieved through pleasing and iconic Nike logo pattern on the upper using accent colors contrasting the black shoe.


It is legal and ethical to seek for high performance indoor soccer shoes to enhance performance in the court. Leading sports shoe manufacturers exert time and money to address the cause and their many years of experience qualify them to truly understand the needs of the athletes. Comfort, durability, and functionality have been exhaustively considered in design and manufacturing of the best indoor soccer shoes.

Also, today’s standard for sport shoe design has become tremendously sophisticated compared to that in the past. Advanced design principles have been applied to produce masterful shoe pieces. It is not surprising that users flaunt these shoes outside the court as casual footwear.