Top 5 Best Brown Sport Coat

When looking for a brown sport coat, the fit is of prime importance. The same goes for brown suits. You cannot even begin to order the size if you are not familiar with the nuances of the parts and its dynamics. The vent, as the name suggest, is some sort of a slit that bring breathability to the brown sport coat. Depending on the style there could exist one vent, two vents or none. The most common is the single vent which is usually located at the back.

Breasts are available as single or double, with the latter being the more popular style among the two. The double breast is more traditional and formal version of men’s sport coats.

Buttons are classified as one button, two, and even three. The two buttons is the most common for its classical and formal look. The three buttons is the second most used while the button is the least popular.

The commonly used system in determining the size of brown suits or coats is by measuring the span of the chest and shoulders. Some manufacturers simply use the S-R-L system for S stands for S, R for regular and L for long. Men between 5’5” and 5’7” would fit into S, between 5’8” and 5’10” into R and 5’11” or taller into L.

You should also know what is being referred to when talking about men’s sport coats. The term sport coat is a casual jacket and the formal version is a suit coat. A suit will have matching pants, while sport coat has none. Collectively, sport coat and suit coat can be loosely called as blazers. The best 5 sport coat suggestions for the year are the following:

1. H2H Mens Casual Slim Fit Mandarin Collar Single Breasted Jacket.

These Korean designed men’s sport coats are made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex. Sizes range from US S to 3XL which corresponds to EU 46 – 56. Since the sport coats were tagged in Asia for sizes, customers in the US and Europe are advised to use a special chart provided to compensate for the size difference. Once the fit is perfect, sporty elegance is sure to be achieved.

2. Zity Men’s Slim Fit Casual Premium Blazer Jacket

This blazer jacket is a thing of beauty when worn outdoors in sporting events. There are 2 materials used: 100% cotton and 65% rayon/35% polyester. The coat is available in various styles. The versatility of the slim fit, long sleeved coat can adapt to casual, formal, businesslike, and party settings. Other notable features include: 2 buttons, single breasted, warm lining that can handle winter conditions and decorative false pockets.

3. Prontomoda Men’s 2 Button Luxury Wool Cashmere Vicuna Sport Coat

The slight additional cost of this sport coat is more than compensated by the luxurious benefits that you can get. An elegant 95% lamb wool/5% cashmere fabric is a rarity and deserves appreciation. The softness of ultrafine lamb wool gives comfort and insulation during cold conditions. The brown suit contains notch lapel, flap pocket and center back vent. Styling is single breast, 2 buttons with full lining, and flex fit with stretch armhole panel. Hand tailoring with stitching and lining gives added value to the coat.

4. FLATSEVEN Mens Slim Fit Casual Premium Blazer Jacket

This brown sport coat for men was intentionally made to have a lone button to give it more casual character. The classy slim fit character of the coat is enhanced by elegant tailoring and can be pleasantly contrasted with jeans or chinos. The 65% rayon/35% polyester fabric adds to the versatility of the suit by being adaptive to conditions all year round. The blazer jacket can be used in casual or formal gatherings.

5. Ferreci-Zonettie Mens 2 Button Ultra Soft Slim Fit Blazers

This top quality blazer from a known brand name is a premium comfort product that features 2 button closure, 2 vents and a notch lapel. The imported European fabric with 65% polyester and 35% viscose combines with modern dual side vent construction to achieve the vaunted comfort ability of the suit. The company hires only expert coat makers to attend to the smallest details in tailoring. Outer and inner pockets are painstakingly added by these experts.


There are other nuances involved in wearing sports coats, if only to be sharply dressed and fashion educated. You should attempt to own corduroy sports coats, which not only look attractive, but are versatile enough to be dressed up or dressed down to fit the occasion. The choice of color drastically changes the mood of the suit and brown suits combined with gray pants are distinctively preppy in looks. On the other hand, navy blue coats for instance, give an air of nautical looks.

Get used to wearing sports coats now. Fashion sense and understanding is best learned through practice.