Best True Blue Suit For Your Money

A true blue suit is hard to find - a reason why its popularity has remained stagnant. Although international politicians like Prince Harry, Prince William and Vladimir Putin made the world notice the beauty of the true blue suit, the hue never reached its popularity potential unlike similar hues.

The true blue suit is gaining fans in Europe and parts of Asia but is a flop in other parts of the world like North America. The unavailability of the suit compared to other ones like men’s blue suit, cobalt blue tuxedo sate blue suit and many others, is the waterloo of the suit.

Blue as they say is the new black, which means that the color has become highly versatile and highly accepted. Manufacturers have successfully innovated with fibers and styles that work well with blue. Suit wearers on the other hand, have used blue suits in a range of occasion from casual to smart casual up to formal. Proof of the acceptance of blue suits is exemplified by these highly saleable men’s blue suit for 27:

1. Ferrecci-Zonettie Mens 2pc 2 Button Slim Fit Traveler Suits

This suit is available in different colors including blue. Stunning fit design, 2 piece construction, 2 side vents, unhemmed flat front pants for adjustable length, classic look for formal to business casual engagements, 65% polyester/35% viscose fabric, and impeccable tailoring are the main features of the suit.

2. Nautica Men’s True Travelwear Two Button Suit Jacket

Unlike a sate blue suit or a cobalt blue tuxedo that may require custom built tailoring, this suit is easily available online just like any other navy blue models from other manufacturers. The suit jacket is made of a hybrid fabric composed of 70% wool, 29% polyester and 1% spandex, allowing for year round utilization. Wool has insulation properties that protect wearers in cold conditions. However, this material is good for dry cleaning only. A two-button jacket featuring notched lapels, welted chest pockets, side flap pockets and center-back vent are the outstanding features of the suit. Individuals who aspire for sharp and functional dressing should not miss on this one.

3. Perry Ellis Men’s Modern Fit Blue Sharkskin Suit

Perry Ellis is known for contemporary styling that appeals to smart dressers. The fabric used is imported and consist of 81% polyester, 17% rayon, and 2% spandex. The material has a tendency to stretch making a well body –contoured fit. A notch lapel adds as an additional beneficial feature. The blue color makes it possible for the suit to have a hint of casual appeal.

4. Alain Dupetit Men’s Two Button Suit in Many colors

The manufacturer, Allain Dupetit, exerted all efforts to make this suit their signature modern suit. Starting with two button flat front and slim-fit design, other features are introduced in the design to make a classical creation with modern touches. Other features include: 100% SuitTech shell, custom made straight pocket, front pants design without pleats, unhemmed pants length, and zip fly with closure buttons that has dual straps. Available in navy blue, the suit is a welcome novelty to the usual brown and black suits.

5. Mens Tight Slim Fit Notched Lapel 3 Piece Suit with Regular-cut Jacket by Taheri

Sebastian Taheri Uomo is a suit manufacturer that has already curved a name in the apparel industry, with their quality suits that has astonishing design and impressive finishing. Suit lovers will appreciate the slim fit design, notched lapel and side vents, fine lining that has extra trim, angled flop pockets and extra cellphone pocket. The design and construction allow workability in different occasions. The entire suit can be used in formal occasions, while the vest can be combined with your available jeans as casual attire. The pants can be worn with just the vest for smart casual dressing. The suit uses 80% polyester and 20% rayon super fine textile that follows the contour of the body. Anyone starting a collection of suits is advised to start this versatile and highly useful creation from Sebastian Taheri.


Wearing blue suits has become less of a hassle since the color itself is already highly accepted. Whether wearing men’s blue suit, cobalt blue tuxedo or sate blue suit, there still exist some dressing principles that can help you look your best.

Always aim for contrast by wearing crisp white or lighter shades of blue or pink to make the blue apparel stand out. Ties are not difficult to decide on, as most ties will work, including black or navy. Red, burgundy and green works well also. For shoes, brown and black is acceptable.

Good luck on your next casual sortie or formal gathering wearing sharp dressing!