5 Best Light Gray Suit On The Market Today

For whatever reason, men’s suit has been traditionally associated with dark colors. Maybe because accessories can easily be matched with dark suits, or that the suit looks formal and dignified. However, smart dressers who are confident of their personality and fashion sense, boldly embrace light colored suits if only to make a fashion statement and their ability to carry clothes.

Light gray suit is the most versatile among light colored variety. Any suave suit lover will have one in his collection. Light gray can be identified once a white pinstripe blends into the overall color of the suit. If it does not, then it is a medium gray suit. The light version of the suit is generally considered a casual wear, and may not be advisable to use in conservative workplaces that only consider businesslike dark suits.

Suits with light gray tint would appear more casual when designed with patterns, so they are mostly manufactured plain. Pinstripes or faint plaids and checks should be darker if patterns cannot be abandoned, like for some entertainers.

While light gray is neutral and has no opposite color to clash with, a color with equal lightness will create a boring combination, and should be carefully avoided. Grey suit and brown shoes will blend well, as an example. Best examples of excellent suits in light gray shade for 27 are the following:

1. MOGU Men’s One Button Suits 3 Piece Suit

You must not be short of adventurous to try this light gray, one button suit. Light gray is the antithesis of dark colored suits while one button suit is barely making a stir in the corporate world that is approving of three button suits. The construction of the suit is not rebellious in any way though, as the fabric which consists of 75% polyester and 25% viscose is standard with high quality suits.

2. Luciano Natazzi Men’s Two Button Suit Modern Fit Jacket Flat Front Pant Birdseye

Another creation of pride from Natazzi, the construction of the suit has fine detailing, high quality materials and superb finishing. The fabric which is composed of 65% polyester and 35% viscose is adaptable to all weather and can hold year round. Other features include: two buttons, single breasted, dual side vent jacket, fully lined jacket, hand pick stitching, custom buttonholes, notch lapel, modern fit, and flat front dress pants.

3. Salvatore Exte Men’s 2 Button Modern Fit Suit

Salvatore Exte is a U.S. brand that produces elegant suits at discounted prices. This particular suit characterizes the traditional American look that the company promotes. The style is conservative with a trendy touch and a hint of refined tailoring, making it usable as office suit and after office casual suit. The suit uses a year round fabric with flat front dress pants, modern fit and cut. The gray suit is a must for value hunters.

4. Presidential Giorgio Napoli Two Button Mens Suit Modern Classic Fit

Sharp dressing has never been so evident than wearing this suit. First, the modern suit creates a perfect silhouette of the wearer. Then, the fine fabric and superb tailoring complement the style for more impact. Other advantages of the suit include: single breasted, two buttons, dual side vents, flat front dress pants, 65% polyester/35% viscose fabric, light gray and ideal business suit. The combination of grey suit and brown shoes works well with Presidential Giorgio Napoli suit.

5. MONDAY SUIT Men’s Regular Fit Striped 3-Piece Suit Blazer Tuxedo Vest & Trousers

Wearing a light gray suit is already bold enough, and what more is wearing a light gray tuxedo? Fashion trends challenge the creativity and self-confidence of modern suit lovers and Monday Suit put a casual air in their tuxedo by using light gray and striped design. You will also appreciate the following: 65% polyester/35% rayon fabric, notched lapel, double-vented jacket, slanted side pockets, 4 sleeve buttons, 2 flap pockets, 2 inner pockets, 2 coin pockets, 5 buttons bottom vest with adjustable back, and flat front pants with extended waist straps. Be prepared to accessorize with grey suit and brown shoes combo.


Light gray suit has evolved into a highly accepted wardrobe because of social approval and functional factors. Traditionally light gray wardrobes are best worn during summer, but today’s hybrid fabrics when used in suits, achieve year round usability. While it is still deemed the suits are less formal than dark colored suits, many offices now find no reason why light gray suits should be banned at work. After all, a suave suit with elegant design and impeccable tailoring is still dignified even if it is not in the traditionally dark colors.

Sharp dressers should not be discouraged to wear light gray suits. Suit lovers like you should have one in their collection, ready to be used when flair and style is the order of the day.