5 Animal Skin Boots Reviewed Just For You

Leather is a stylish material used in the apparel industry and is made from the processed skin of readily available animals like cows, sheep, goats and pigs. The skin of exotic animals like snakes, alligators, ostriches, and kangaroos can also be made into leather but their scarcity command steeper prices. Leather can be made into different products and animal skin boots is one of the derivative products of animal leather.

Since animal skin boots have a higher demand than supply, owning one is a rarity and can be a source of pride to the owner. Mostly custom-made, the list of orders may take several months to service, since the materials have to be ordered from China and India, mostly, were animal welfare laws are absent or weakly enforced.

The following are elegant boots made from animal skin:

1. Ferrini Men’s Print Crocodile S-Toe Western Boot

Ferrini crocodile boots are handcrafted by master shoe makers with careful attention up to the smallest detail. The material used is imported 100% pure leather. The cowboy boot boasts of caiman crocodile vamp and elaborate decorative stitching at the 13 inches leather shaft. Overlays made of caiman print leather serve to accent the pull straps. Linings are made of leather, and a low block roper heel is provided. All welts are double stitched to ensure durability. Wide square toe construction is standard to Ferrini crocodile boots. All pairs of crocodile boots that pass the quality control standards of the manufacturer have been scrutinized for symmetry of the crocodile skin.

2. Laredo Men’s 68067 Monty Western Boot

This rattlesnake boots comes with black and white design. Master shoe makers put together synthetic sole, leather foot and shaft, snakeskin foot design, cushion insole to produce a masterpiece of superb craftsmanship and comfortable functionality. The shaft measures approximately 12 inches from arch, a configuration tested through years of experience. The rattlesnake boots is welted for durable construction and the boot heel has a rubber grip surface. The manufacturer, Laredo, insists that no snakes were harmed in the production of the rattlesnake boots.

3. Dan Post Men’s Franklin Western Boot

Dan Post alligator skin boots utilize the subdued chocolate color. The elegant and stylish boot showcases a distressed Mad Cat leather foot underneath a generous 11 inches chocolate leather shaft with elaborately designed stitches. Leather linings add durability and sealing properties of the boot construction. The use of Vented Poron anti-microbial insole is a hygienic measure used in Dan Post alligator skin boots. The shoe manufacturer uses solid brass sole nails and double stitched 3/4 welt. Any alligator skin boots that comes out of the production line with seal of approval is handcrafted with cushion comfort technology combined with traditional western boot style.

4. Rattlesnake Round Toe Exotic Western Cowboy Boots

This rattlesnake skin boots is exotically eye catching and is made of leather. The Western cowboy look is unavoidable and the pride of wearing them is overwhelming. Handcrafted in El Paso, Texas, the bedrock of Cowboy culture, this rattlesnake skin boots is lavish, with diamond back. The boot has 1 3/4 inches walking heel and a 13 inches leather top with elaborate stitch. The leather lining and leather soles ensure that the boot will last long. Eyes are expected to glance at this rattlesnake skin boots in whatever circumstance.

5. Cowboy Professional – Men’s Genuine Python Snake Skin Leather Cowboy Boots J Toe

This snake skin boots exploit the natural beauty of python skin color by preserving the true color of the snake. 100% genuine python skin is skillfully handcrafted to construct the boot. Leather soles and layered leather heels, combined with cushion soles provide the utmost comfort that synthetics cannot match when compared with genuine natural materials. Solid brass nails and hand stitching reinforce the durability of the boot.


Animal skin boots are becoming a rarity because of environmental preservation pressures. And although the use of synthetic materials has become an option with the advantage of lower costs, the comfort and durability of genuine animal skin has not been truly replicated to the minds of discriminating boot wearers.

Genuine animal skin has inherent beneficial properties only Mother Nature can give. For example, python skin has a natural color that need not be altered because of its inherent beauty. The comfort provided, strength, durability and lightness of animal skin has no equal. The decision to own an animal skin boots is intelligent and owning the boots is worth the effort.