Afashionmind Television Network (AFMN)

Afashionmind Television Network (AFMN) is a VoD Channel on Dish Network. It is an affiliate of SimplyTv which provides a VoD to basic cable and satellite television to over 14m subscibers. SimplyTv has broadcast agreements with Dish Network, DirectTv, AT&T U-verse & TimeWarner Cable. AFMN is owned and operated by J.Alexander Martin Founder/Exec VP FUBU.



14 million on Dish Network VOD Pay Per View


AfashionMind Network is a fashion- and style-centric network that has an in-house agency covering brand strategy, creative development, production, distribution, and research all beneath one roof.  The agency’s clients will be offered unprecedented collaboration and integration into the network, offering creative marketing solutions that were nonexistent in network-brand relations in the past.

This network will function like a hybrid of two very successful media outlets, Current TV and Vice Media. While these are both news networks, their business models as media outlets translate perfectly to the fashion/style centrism of the network.   Current uses a huge amount of user created content, and maintains a large staff of content creators worldwide, who are given topics and stories to cover. Vice Media and its sister company Virtue, an in-house advertising company that retains clients like Intel, Palladium, The North Face, Absolut Vodka, and Mini. Vice media posts 2 hours of video content and an immense amount of written content to their website daily, while producing a weekly HBO show and monthly print magazine.

Afashionmind Network premiers  top-notch quality fashionable television programming that inspires its viewers. Imagine that you are a young afashionmind with a bold eye and treasure troves of great looks. You create a short media piece to submit to a network that is giving your perspective a chance to be seen by the world. You will tell everyone you know about your upcoming TV debut—including your Twitter followers, Facebook friends, and YouTube subscribers.  These people all become your brand ambassadors while they promote their friend’s work. Social and New Media marketing will also be at the forefront of the network’s marketing focus. Daily updates of video and written content will bring the audience to the website often, so eventually there should be the development of an in-house online advertising platform to capitalize on online ad revenue.

Sample Programming:

Imagine an hour-long street-wear show co-produced with Karmaloop or a similar retailer. The show could feature products from the website as well as the artists and friends of the brand. The network will bridge the gap between Internet sales and television marketing to become a recognized leader in fashion, trends, and cutting edge style worldwide.

AFMN is looking for programming that touches on the concepts of style, fashion,  interior design, sports lifestyle, travel design, and connects with the soul of the artist across many disciplines. This network will appeal to the creative nature in all people while targeting a broad audience in an 18-45 demographic.  The programming should be fashion- and style-centric while striving to educate and inspire the audience to both create and consume the products they see on the network. The network will also feature viewer-created content, ranging from brief artist profiles to feature length documentaries. Using brands as producing partners we will grow aggressively and scale up the size of our productions rapidly.  The programming will run the gamut from Fashion News shows, Talk shows, Documentaries, Reality, Instructional and Educational all focused around style and personal fashion.  This is a network that aims to educate and inspire people and bring them the hottest trends before they hit the magazine shelves.

When submitting concepts for development please submit a document of no more than 3 pages that includes mention of the following (where applicable):

• Production Company Applicant Name
• Contact details (email, phone, and address)
• Producer’s CV and the production company’s list of credits
• Title of Submission
• Target Audience
• Genre
• 1 Line Description
• Number of episodes x duration
• Program Synopsis
• Pitch, that addresses:
o Succinct outline of idea
o Unique Selling Point/Point of Difference of concept
o Budget Indication
o Finance Strategy
o Multi-platform strategy
o Key Creatives
o Suggested on Screen talent (if applicable)
o Indication of existing development materials (bible, scripts, etc)
o Other interested stakeholders

General Information
Email: info@AFMN.Tv

J.Alexander Martin

Head of Programming
William Scripps
Email: W.Scripps@AFMN.Tv

Chief Technology Officer
Roman Kemper

William Betts


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Las Mecanicas Action/Drama
Las Mecanicas Is a TV action drama about 4 latino hit women that grow up in a home that is ran by nuns. Before there 15th Birthday a man by the name of Constance adopts them and give them a beautiful place to live and great school, but that’s not all he gives them. He teaches them the art of killing so by the time they are out of high school they are all trained a assassins. This is beauty in the form of death.
Starring: Mel Jackson Jazsmin Lewis Sally Ferreira Erica Mena Lily Perez,  Marisa Wately


André meets Tom Ford Interview with NadiaB

Fashion Film | georgia800



J’s passion for fashion, business, faith in action, music, arts, films, authors, and travel news stories come together in a weekly TV program.

The quirky 24 minute show will offer business tips, lifestyle & branding consultation with celebrities, and insights into fashion trends around the world.

Topics of discussion will range from “Where in the world is it best to be a woman?” to “Starting a family and a business at the same time?” to “8 Steps to Create a Brand for Your Blog”.

And with Afashionmind Network , fans of ‘A Fashion Mind’ show can view videos posted by J. Alexander Martin as they happen, any time – any place.

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Jimmy Choo
Interview | alyssa
Fashion Designer
Dato’ Jimmy Choo, OBE, born Choo Yeang Keat, is a Malaysian Chinese fashion designer based in London, United Kingdom. He is best known for founding Jimmy Choo Ltd that became known for its handmade women’s shoes.

KING ON 34TH is a competition based reality show centered around fashion icon and business icon J. Alexander Martin and set in New York City on 34th street.

The show will be built around twelve designers who will work in groups of four to compete in spirited weekly challenges that will lead to dramatic eliminations.

King on 34th Winning Contestant Prize: Launch Your Brand! The winning contestant will be supported in launching their brand and creating their first collection through professional mentoring from J. Alexander Martin.

The runner up contestant will be rewarded with a six month mentorship program directly with J.Alexander Martin and will be welcomed into his company for an amazing “on-the-job” learning experience that will prepare them for their future goals as a designer and entrepreneur.

If you wish to learn more about Afashionmind Show or feature J. Alexander Martin on your TV show, event, performance, commercial, movie or production or like to get in touch with J. about appearing on the Afashionmind Show as a guest.


For advertising/content submission contact J.Alexander Martin (212) 273-3300

Fashion Film | MBays

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