The brown suit is a refreshing alternative to the overused black, navy blue and charcoal grey suits normally worn in workplaces and social gatherings. The suit, which possesses novelty, flair, and visual impact, would provoke immediate attraction to onlookers who usually police suit-wearing individuals.

You do not have to be a fashion authority to be able to pass judgment on the suit. It is as if a mysterious and innate sense of style naturally dictates approval on the wardrobe. Recently, the choice of brown has evolved into a fashion trend that captures the fancy of male suit lovers all over the world.

As an addition to the usefulness and versatility, brown suits come with varying degrees of tones from rich dark brown to a more subtle shade like camel or beige. The psychology of colors dictate that dark brown be associated with fall and winter while lighter shades of brown fit into the summer months.

Determining what shoes to wear with a brown suit is not that difficult. Black shoe is immediately cancelled out as an option, and the most appropriate shoes deemed are red or burgundy, and brown with a shade that is noticeably very different.

Different Types of Brown Suits

To fully appreciate and be able to distinguish the nuances of a brown colored suit, you must first understand the fundamentals of the wardrobe.

In the past, suits were easily identifiable as they were classified from where they came from – Britain, Europe or America. Today, this is no longer a hard and fast rule but still, being aware of the suit styles is a historical curiosity and has practical applications even today. Choosing the right fit for your body can be helped by the knowledge.

  • Suits from America were fondly called “sack suits”, and they were characterized as having natural shoulders, level-hanging lines, backs with single vent, and a flap pocket. Larger framed men look their best in American suits.

  • British suits somewhat mimic military peg, and were identified with padded shoulders, pinched waist, two vents, flap pockets and were available in striped or plaid patterns.

  • The Italian version had padded shoulders. It was also full-chested, and was accented by a V-shaped jacket that had flapless pockets without vents. The style was friendly to slim men.

Today, suits are simply classified into three categories. The two-piece contains dual pieces – the jacket and the pants. The three-piece includes an added waistcoat, preferably in the same fabric or look of the suit. The tuxedo is available as a two-piece or three-piece wardrobe, is the ultimate evening wear. The wardrobe is always worn as black and should never be worn before 6 p.m. Except for the tuxedo, brown is acceptable in all suit versions.

Suits can also be classified as single or double-breasted. Single breasted is more common, allowing only a single row of buttons in front from top to bottom. The buttons overlap just enough to barely allow buttoning. The suit is simple yet stylish enough to blend in corporate settings. Double breasted parades two rows of buttons, with generous overlapping to permit both rows to fasten. The wardrobe is suitable to events that welcome a dramatic look, but can also be used safely as office attire.

Pant styles are less complex than jacket looks and can be classified simply into pleated, flat-front, cuffed or straight leg. Cuffed leg has the disadvantage of adding a significant weight. Tuxedos are always straight legged. Pleats follow fashion trends rather than tradition.

Other types of brown colored suit include:

1. Men’s Brown Sport Coat

A men’s brown sports coat is similar in cut and length to a suit but is intended to be worn without using matching trousers. This in effect, projects a more casual air or even sporty, and so the label. Fabric, colors and patterns give hints to the personality of the bearer, and a men’s brown sports coat suggests profoundness and unmistakable manliness.

Men’s brown sports coat was usually worn in the past, as spectator casual attire in outdoor sporting events. Needs overtook this practice and today the suit is used as school uniforms or event in formal occasions.

2. Men’s Brown Wool Suit

Men’s brown wool suit is a luxurious and classy suit since brown is a dignified color and wool is a highly regarded fabric in the apparel industry. Apart from looking classy in suits, wool has a great insulating capacity, and its reputation for being comfortable is uncontested.

While men’s brown wool suit is expensive and hard to maintain, the use of cheaper synthetics could not match the benefits of the original. Wool has lofty properties that set the standards in the clothing industry. The high absorbency of the fabric keeps the wearer dry in extreme conditions. The fabric is also a poor conductor of heat, keeping the body warm at long periods of time during cold weather. Additionally, wool traps still air close to the body, acting as additional insulation. Your wardrobe collection should contain a men’s brown wool suit as soon as your budget allow.

3. Brown Suit and Blue Shirt Combinations

Brown suit and blue shirt combinations follow the rule of opposite colors in the color wheel. Brown and blue are opposites and would naturally cause a balanced tension that attracts the eyes of onlookers. The idea is to maintain conservatism in brown suit and blue shirt combinations. Other elements help keep the balance of things. Deep scarlet ties serve as an anchor point as it breaks the tension and offers a respite to the clash of colors. Patterned ties also help, as a preppy edge refreshes a classical brown suit and blue shirt combinations. The color theory also applies with chocolate brown suit.

4. Chocolate Brown Suit

Chocolate brown suit is also called dark brown suit and elicit similar responses to the human eye like that of brown colored suit. Psychologically, the same analogy to earthy property is suggested by the suit. Color combinations that work well with brown suit will be successful in combination with chocolate brown suit.

Top 5 Brown Suits for 2017

The best way to deal with a brown colored suit is to stick to classical and basic dressing. The following list of brown shirt may contain your best bet for 2017:

1. Ferrecci-Zonettie Mens 2pc 2 Button Slim Fit Traveller Suits

Ferrecci and Zonettie is a recognizable brand in the apparel industry and it is not surprising that their products continue to receive praises from customers worldwide. Stunning designs, clever functionalities, superb craftsmanship, and durability are always being guarded to maintain competitive edge in the industry. The traveller suit being showcased is made from imported European fabric with innovative vented design to give comfort and breathe of air to the user. Buttons are free to be rearranged to suit wearer preference in deciding pants length. Notch and peak lapels are specially provided, as well as inner and outer pockets. The imported fabric is 65% polyester and 35% viscose and is suitable for dry cleaning only.






2. iDarbi Men’s Modern Fit 2-Piece Suit Set (9 Colors)

LA Suit designed the apparel and the suit is available in US size, slim fit and fitted classifications. The imported fabric used is made of 100% polyester and should be strictly washed by dry clean method only. Features included at the top are: button closure, two buttons, single breasted, presence of notched lapel, and double-vented jacket. Bottom features are: non-pleated pants, free length, chest pocket, two flap pockets, two inner pockets, and four sleeve buttons.





3. H2H Men’s Formal Slim Fit Premium Business Dress Suit Button Down Vests

H2H is a successful Korean apparel company that sells slim fit style suits for men and women. The designs have a fresh outlook but are within international tastes and standards, except for the sizes which were tagged on Asian people. The fabric of the suit is made of 70% polyester and 30% rayon. The suit features include slim fit, lightweight, adjustable waist string, satin back, 2 pockets on the sides and an elegant fake pocket on the right. The suit can be used in the office or outside as an impressive formal social gathering outfit.





4. Alain Dupetit Men’s Two Button Suit

The apparel maker boasts of its signature elegant and modern two button flat front suit. A classic and slim fit design separates the wardrobe from all other makes. Allan Dupetit exploits the advantages of new and innovative materials to achieve comfort and durability like never before. A 100% suit tech developed by sportswear companies has been adopted as breathable fabric that absorbs moisture. The new fabric also have insulation, anti-deforming and anti-bacterial properties, are form fitting and lightweight. The suit can be machine washed. Other features include plain front design pant, adjustable pant lengths, dedicated straight pocket jacket, button closures and dual straps for zip fly.



5. Brand Q 3pc Men’s Dress Vest Neck Tie Pocket Square Set for Suit or Tuxedo

The three piece set includes a tuxedo vest, neck tie and a handkerchief. The design is Italian inspired and has an air of elegance. Other features include: solid design pattern, use of polyester material, presence of besom pockets, and inclusion of five button vest with full back vest and belts that can be adjusted to suit the wearer.







How to Choose the Best Brown Suit

One may argue that choosing the best brown colored suit is a personal preference and to a large extent that is correct. However, there are basic, if not, common sense factors that must be taken into account when making a choice.

Most of the analysis should focus on your needs and how to address them. Is it going to be used for office, or for social gatherings? Luckily, the brown colored suit is versatile and can be used for both. However a choice of style still has to be made, and will require a fashion sense on your part. Sometimes the choice may be affected by peer pressure and it is not a bad idea to get advice from knowledgeable friends who genuinely care for you.

Sometimes the choice may be bounded by practical realities. A desired suit might be too expensive for your budget and you have to choose a less expensive but acceptable suit. You may already have what shoes to wear with a brown suit and are not keen in buying a new one. The brown colored suit that you have to choose should have a shade drastically different from your available shoes.

Fitting is very important when choosing your suit, or any other wardrobe for that matter. You may have an excellent choice in design, make, color, and price but if it does not fit, you have no choice but to abandon the ill-fitting suit.

Availability becomes a factor in your choice if you are left with little time to produce your suit. Custom-made suits are ideal but take time to be made. Even ordering the materials, if they are special and imported, add to waiting time.


Try your hand at wearing suits at the first instance you have a chance to do so. By actually wearing the suit, your appreciation will follow a steep curve into a keen fashion sense. Ask advice from regular suit wearers and read fashion magazines or browse the internet for related topics and images. Even the technical details regarding traditional and modern apparel materials and production technology will keep you curious and interested. The benefits in comfort, durability, and lightness of materials play a big role in choosing your best suit.

In time, you will realize that you are beginning to understand and value of smart dressing. Even the accessories and shoes are beginning to catch your interest. You will now even know what shoes to wear with a brown suit. You are now able to understand your fashion stand and are confident about it. The ultimate test of your fashion sense is when you can inject your own personality in your choice of suit and can flaunt it confidently.